Argan vision

Company description and Ethos

In addition to being an engineering company with reliable on-site supplies, ARGAN Oilfield Services occupies a unique market position through its desert based facility and knowledge of the business. We can provide both volumous bulk and bagged chemicals and other oilfield spares and equipment/supplies to meet the oilfield industrial demands.

ARGAN Oil Services offers a full industrial Cleaning service where we can provide design consultation, drawing assessment, high quality chemicals, appropriate equipment and personnel make us truly a 'turnkey project option' .

Integrated into our business is our recently developed 'Water Treatment' service, where  our know how and Libya experience provide us with the design and build capability, providing international standards for tomorrow's water treatment plants. Whether you are in Tripoli or deeper into the Sahara Desert we have a solution that can fit your needs.

Indeed our company Director and engineers have held many senior positions in some of the world's largest Water treatment companies,proving yet again that we have the knowledge to understand your needs and the ability to provide high quality products and services.

Our General Manager manage done of the worlds' largest oilfield service companies,based here in Libya.His experience and knowledge of a life time in the industry provides the clarity required to understand the means of improving product and service delivery in Libya.Importantly,his management position allowed him to ensure the protection of people and environment without compromising his customers' demands.

With this level of commitment as cornerstone yourcompany,ARGAN Oil Services offers experienced personnel enabled to focus on the industries' needs allowing them to provide cost effective supplies and services.

I Our facility in Waha Oil Company,Gialoallowsusto provide'on-time'storageofsuppliesin the correct environment away from inhabited areas such as towns and villages. Our geographical advantage allows customers to minimise their stock levels,whilst also being assured of their supply chain swellasproviding confidence security.It also provides us with a base in the desert environment where we can base our personnel available for your needs.

Your market position is our concern.

QHSE is considered a fundamental part of our Product Service Line.It's not just an-add-on, It's the way we do business. Our QHSE Policy and our desire to improve lead to the development of our

'Commitment'. Our company ethos ensures the performance of our staff toward side ntification of control measures to minimise overall risk.

MSDS is provided with any chemical delivery. These documents are in both English and Arabic to ensure that everyone involved in the delivery and storage processes understand the risks involved to ensure control measures are adequate to protect personnel, equipment and importantly our environment .

Libya is not only adesert providing oil and gas supplies, but aplace of beauty that we need to respect and protect.

Our staff and sub-suppliers are aware of their surroundings just as they aware of the need to provide our customers with a safe, quality, on time product and services at the right price.

'Meeting your needs while you focus on your business'

Our vision of the Future:

'Libya's'leading 'one-stop'provider ofon-sitesuppliesandservices

Our Company Commitment:

'ARGAN Oil Services will provide safe, quality products and services to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. These will be delivered 'on-time' and with consideration to the safety and health of all personnel involved and the fragile environment in which we work.

Service lines provided include: Chemical (cement, stimulation and mud material) supply HydrochloricAcid provider Industrial Cleaning Casing Equipment suppliesthat includesfloat equipment, centralisers, completion equipment and

liner hangers Oil field equipment and spare parts Construction of Mobile accommodation/Laboratory equipment

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